A weird name.
An intriguing name.
A whole story.

My name is Marcus, I am 22 years old and I am an amateur artist.

Having spent many years lying against myself, I was lucky enough to really start my life 4 years ago. I started hormone therapy and underwent an operation that helped me discover my new "me".
I was finally able to focus on what life was holding for me now that I had begun to appreciate it. I decided to become a tattoo artist.

So I went to Antwerp, Belgium, for a training course in this beautiful job.
Every day was devoted to art and drawing. I took advantage of my free time to visit and draw what I saw and liked.

This is how I found myself on the Grand Place in Brussels, sitting on the ground, drawing on my notebook what had caught my eye. Above a little hidden door was a small golden statue. In the midst of all these tall and stately statues that adorned the whole place, she seemed lost and ignored. But to me it was The statue.

It was a little fox peacefully guarding the entrance to this little door.

After a while, an old gentleman silently admired what I was doing. He smiled at me and as he left he told me that I was "the kid of the Fox". Once the surprise passed, I was delighted.

It was at this moment that ''Lóvernios'' idea began to arrive.

I absolutely needed a new name to start my life in Belgium and this memory was engraved in my head. But I needed something more subtle, more original. It was then that my research began.

Looking at all the legends about foxes, I unfortunately did not find what interested me. The Kitsunes were too much answered. I looked for the Nordic Gods whom I admire. I spent hours reading their stories and adventures, and I was particularly interested in Loki's story. His ability to change shapes, faces and genres made me feel good. He was both the father of his twins and the mother of his other children, but it did not affect his identity as a man.
I absolutely needed a name related to him.
I finally found my happiness! Although not well known, Loki is associated with foxes in northern legends, they are even his representation, by their cunning and their color of fire.
Many of the Celtic names for the red fox have similarities to Loki's name. In ancient English, the word for fox was '' Lovern '' and in Gallic '' Lovernious '' or '' Lovernos ''.

But here is what really decided me:

Several members of the ancient Celtic aristocracy were named Lovernios, which meant "the son of the fox".

This is how the loop was closed.